Why It’s Better To Buy Ready-Made Solar Panels for Homes

Today there are many consumer electronic suppliers with specific solar products for those interested in making their own home solar panels. There are also lots of people who are fascinated by them and would like build their own solar panels at home and reap the advantages of solar power.  You would have seen solar panel building kits often with tags like do-it-yourself or DIY Solar Panel kits which advertisements say are much cheaper than the commercial solar panels which need to be installed by suppliers themselves once you buy them.

Of course there are many advantages of building solar panels yourself. They allow you to have flexibility in the design and expand the grid of solar power gradually as your finances and time permits. If you are a daring or adventurous person making them yourself can be a fascinating project or hobby. As stated the cost of solar panels is much less to build than to buy them ready-made. But you need to know some things before initiating a project like this in which you are going to invest a substantial amount of money and time.

The first thing is its not easy to build as advertisements claim them to be. And the other thing is and I’m sure those building their own solar panels will resent me saying this, but the truth is self-made solar panels are not as good as the ready made one. That is because solar product companies like Sharp, Sunforce, Sanyo and others have perfected the production and assembly of their commercial solar panel product by investing a lot of money and time not to mention expertise. They normally offer about 25 years warranty on the panels they sell. Even if by building them yourself you only spend half the amount of ready made ones its hard to expect them to last half those 25 years and produce electricity consistently throughout that period.

The point I’m trying to make here is unless you are building solar panels as a hobby and you get tremendous satisfaction from seeing the fruits of your labor, you are better off spending more money to buy ready made solar panels if you are looking at it as an energy source.