A Freer Feel With Treeless Saddles

Were you aware that riding horses bareback is becoming popular again? A lot of equestrians like the rush and the feeling of feeling free while clenching the horse with their legs. As you may have guessed, this is an incredibly dangerous way to ride a horse. Most likely, the rider will eventually fall off and injure themselves if the horse makes an unexpected move this why you should get a wintec 250 all purpose saddle. For those who like to ride bareback, there are new treeless saddles available that are supposed to give a similar feel to the rider. The advantage is that if you need something to grab a hold of, you can grab the saddle. It sure beats falling off of your horse.

Treeless saddles are very unique, because they don’t offer the structural support of a traditional saddle. When the saddle doesn’t have that hard and rigid tree, it becomes very flexible. It basically wraps around the horse and the saddle is the shape of the horses back and sides. This is what gives the rider the sensation of riding bareback. However, it is extremely important to fit a horse properly with this kind of saddle, because you run the risk of rubbing the horse’s skin with the saddle causing irritation. You should always use a leather saddle that will help for to the horses back and also use some kind of protective pad. Any kind of soft pad that you use will offer more comfort to the rider as well.

Riding horseback or with a treeless saddle has the added risk of causing injury to the back of a horse. That’s because there is nothing to evenly distribute the weight. All of the rider’s weight is pushed on one location on the horses back. If a rider is too heavy for the horse, then that rider could cause direct pain, chronic pain, or permanent injury to the horse. In some cases, it could be so bad that the horse would have to be put down. Please consider your own body weight before riding bareback or with a treeless saddle.

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