The Reason I Like The Sprint Family Locater

The purpose of this article is to explain the reason I like the Sprint Family Locater so much. If you aren’t familiar with the Sprint Family Locator, let me take just a minute and tell you what it is. It is an application that can be used to track members of your family with their cell phones GPS chip that is installed in their phone. It will only cost you $5.00 a month to use this application and it is definitely worth that much money.

It stands to reason that the cell phone tracking application from Sprint works good to locate other people in your cell phone tracking network. You can get on any computer that has an Internet connection and instantly see their location displayed on a map on a computer screen. That’s no different than the other cell phone tracking applications that are free. What is different about the Sprint Family Tracker is a feature called “automatic location checks” that allows you to automatically check the location of particular members of your cell phone tracking network.

Automatic safety checks is a feature that is extremely useful to me and I think you’ll find it useful as well. When you have this activated on your phone, you’ll get an automatic text message at the time of day that you programmed the service to send the message to you. This message will contain the exact physical location of the cell phone that you have the feature activated for. Now, let me take a second and describe how this feature is useful to me.

I have a grown son who is mentally disabled but he is fairly high functioning. He takes the bus to his job and as a matter of fact he takes the bus several places. I’m always worried when he is out on his own but with automatic location checks enabled, I get a text message sent to me at particular times of the day that let me know where he is. If I find out that he is 40 blocks from where he should be, I can stop what I’m doing and make a phone call to figure out where he is and why is there. Before I had this feature enabled on his cell phone, I was always worried about where he was.