Successfull Ways to Deal WIth Anxiety

People who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks are always trying to find a way to deal with it and keep it under control. Having a panic attack can be an awful build up – heavy breathing, a painful chest, pins and needles through your body, nausea, light headed, complete fear of death. These are all symptoms that a panic attack can bring. Being able to control all of them is the main goal of sufferers of anxiety.

Not everyone wants to take prescription medication to deal with their anxiety because it can be downright bad for you. Prescriptions like anti-depressants can be addictive and cause long term psychological damage.  Instead, follow some of these tips below and start overcoming your panic attacks.

Counting – When you begin to feel the early stages of an anxiety or panic attack it is important to switch all your attention and focus on something else. By doing this you are giving less importance to your anxiety and this will help calm you down. An effective way to do this is by starting to count backwards from 100.

Breathe – this is one of those things can seem to be easier said than done, but it can be quite easy to control. Having an attack always increases ones heart rate and leaves you short of breathe. If you start to take control of your breathing as you feel an attack building up, you will start to have more control of your emotions. A good way to control your breathing is by taking a deep breath in and count 1,2,3 and then releasing your breath and counting back 3,2,1 do this for a couple of minutes or until you feel the panic attack die down.

Talk – this isn’t commonly discussed under the topic of natural remedies for anxiety, but it is definitely one that can be effective for lots of people. By having someone close that you can talk to and confide in about how you feel is very important. If you keep feelings bottled up they tend to build up and eventually explode in the form of a panic attack. If you constantly let your feelings out and have someone that can listen to you and understand you, this will be a huge step forward in dealing with your anxiety.