Reasons Not to Buy a White Rug

Buying a white rug is a bold, crazy move. It may not seem that way at first, since white is an easy color to work with. It matches anything, it lights up the room, and encourages cleanliness. But placing any black and white round rug on the floor is a bad idea, and here are a few reasons why.

White flooring that is so easily ruined will make your guests uncomfortable. They will become extremely self conscious as they try to avoid getting your rug dirty. The slightest speck or breadcrumb landing on the rug will make them uneasy. Also, to avoid getting your rug dirty, guests may remove their shoes and leave them outside in the hall. This is perfectly fine if they’re used to it, but the average guest may have sweaty feet and may not quite want to take their shoes off. And if they do, you might need to open the windows! Not only will your guest squirm throughout the visit, but there is also no discreet way to use an air freshener. Your guest will be even more embarrassed if their socks are less than perfect, have holes, or don’t match. Of course if you’re a loner or a hermit, then white rugs are the perfect way to discourage guests and shorten visits.

A rug in white can prompt a cleaning obsession. Because the rug catches dirt so easily, you may find yourself obsessively vacuuming and cleaning to maintain its appearance. And it’s not just the rug that you’ll be cleaning. The white on the rug will make any floor look dirty by comparison, so you may find yourself endlessly scrubbing a perfectly clean floor. Even rugs which have white in them can be difficult – the white parts of a zebra rug can easily look grubby and you will find yourself cleaning the whole rug far too often.

Pure white furnishings are hard to find. Most manufacturers make rugs in ivory, pearl, or off-white. But if you do find a rug in true white, it may not stay that way for long. The color tends to darken with time. Tans look great on white skin, but they’re less desirable in household furnishing.

The final reason for avoiding a white rug is that it’s environmentally unfriendly. The rug itself is fine (although a lot of bleach may be used in its production), but to keep it looking good, you’ll use a lot of harsh detergents and bleaches, and these types of chemicals are anything but green.

If you must have a white rug, choose one which is totally machine washable to get over any problems and that will help your rug always look good on the floor – and you can tell you guests to relax.