Keyword Anchor Text

When it comes to picking keyword anchor text there are many opinions on whether we should simply use the same anchor text over and over again or should we vary it a lot for a very mixed number of keyword backlinks. Personally I have done both and I am in no doubt that the best way to get high rankings is to try to use the same keywords for the majority of the time.

There is no doubt that many people think that using the same words for backlinks is going to have a negative effect on rankings but from the experiments I have done the opposite is true. Making money on the Internet is all about trying to get top results in the shortest possible time period for many people and the best way to do that is to get backlinks to posts that you have written for the main keywords.

If you choose your keywords wisely and they are the title of the post then it would be more natural for you toe get links to that post for the title of it. So there is no reason why using the same keyword anchor text is going to stop you from get the best results, it will be the opposite.

Of course often a site will have articles that rank well easily for other than the terms that you were targeting. Then there is no point trying to fight it. Go with what Google has given you and change the post tile and begin to get links using those terms. There is no point gong against what you are getting traffic for. You would then be better to write a new post targeting the keywords you were initially going for.

The main thing is ensure that you get plenty of links on a very regular basis to ensure that you continue to climb in the search engine results. Most people simply fail to send enough links and this is why so few people actually make any real money from Internet Marketing.