Choose Eyelet Curtains for Hassle-Free Decor

There are many simple tricks that can contribute to the transformation of a room from one that is ordinary into one that is extraordinary. Of these techniques, none make as bold and impressive a statement as voile eyelet curtains. For many, hanging curtains is a hassle, with their many components and finicky application, but eyelet curtains are designed in such a way that most of the hard work is eliminated, leaving a only hassle-free means of dressing up a room in any number of styles.

An eyelet curtain is one where the hangers for the curtain rod are built directly into the fabric of the curtain itself, meaning no more pesky curtain loops to purchase and install separately. These eyelets are frequently subtle and attractive, being reinforced by either metal or durable plastic eyelet headings, or even just thicker matching fabric. The curtain rod is threaded directly through the eyelets, which are placed at regular intervals along the edge of the curtain, for a look that is simple and seamless.

When purchasing eyelet curtains, the most important factors to consider are those of various measurements. For the curtain itself, it is important to ensure that the size of the curtain rod and the that of the eyelets will coordinate well. For example, if the perfect cutain rod for a given room has a thick circumference, you will need to ensure that the eyelets are large enough for the rod to thread through effortlessly. Similarly, if your curtain rod is very narrow but the eyelets of your curtain are very large, the fabric may hang unevenly, creating a creased or sloppy look.

It is equally important to be aware of the dimensions of the area you are attempting to cover or fill. If you are hanging curtains over a window or doorway, be sure to take precise measurements, with a tape measure, before beginning to look for the right curtain and curtain rod combination, because there is nothing that undoes a room as quickly as a curtain that is either too big or too small for the space it is attempting to fill.

Bear in mind, when hanging curtains, that their final impression will make a considerable impact on the rest of the room. It is important to consider not only the size of your curtains, but also their color, weight, and texture, in order to ensure that they coordinate with the existing decor of the room. Determine whether you want your curtains to make a bold impact and be a focal point, or whether you want them to provide a subtle complement to the furnishings and wall hangings that already exist. An ideal way to ensure coordination between accessories and furnishings is to add accent and throw pillows throughout the room, make of the same fabric or color as the curtains.

Although eyelet curtains are certainly some of the most simple to install and hassle-free design options, there are other styles of curtain that do not require separate hooks or hangers. Another popular design is that of tab top curtains, whose hangers are built directly into the design of the curtain, but as hooks as opposed to eyelets.