Platform Beds: The new trends In The Bedroom

The bedroom had been developed much over the past 15-20 years. One category of furniture that becomes more popular particularly is in fact the platform bed. Many people, however, are not convinced that these beds are worth it.

Platform beds have come a long way since their introduction as simple apartment furniture. These beds are now offering stylish back and footrests. They have metal construction, modern, traditional and transitional styles of wood for their frames. Many of these places are also available in colors and finishes that have never before been offered to the consumer. This created a lot more decisions that were not previously available in bedroom furniture. Most of today’s home television shows like Extreme Makeover or design channels such as HGTV show more homes showing these styles of beds as the central planning when it comes to the bedroom. Offering a more interesting form and function in the beds.

What makes platform beds a great choice is that they are closer to earth than most of the mattress or bed springs that makes them easy to get to and from. With platform beds are only for the mattress customers can create a cleaner look as well, it is sometimes difficult to do with a traditional bed as an additional foundation or box spring unit to deal with the choice of bed linen, bed skirt and sheets. There is also a cost savings, and the bed has been built to the Fund, no longer need to purchase additional spring block or foundation to go with the mattress.

There are many styles and designs in the way of platform beds. Many platform beds are made of solid wood. One of these manufacturers on behalf of Ramblin Wood offers a solid platform bed made of oak, maple and bamboo forests in different sizes and finishes. Metal or steel made platform beds are becoming increasingly popular. Amisco industry, located in Canada makes a metal bed in a wide range of traditional, transitional and contemporary styles that are unique and European in design. Several companies have also brought imports popularity of contemporary design platform bed, offering a rich, exotic styles and finishes unique to this furniture.

Platform bed design offers customers ease of use only the mattress off the bed. Give them the flexibility to create a style all their own. Many different styles and designs available today. Steel and metal beds are designed in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles. You can even import beds, which are offered in exotic styles and finishes. If you are going to buy a new bed or just want to try something different and unique, then go out and take advantage of the possession of a platform bed myself.