LED Trailer Lights: High Efficiency Lighting

Converting your trailer’s lights to LED lamps would be a good idea if only because it will save you a lot of head ache as well as money in the long term. Incandescent bulbs are very energy inefficient, converting a large part of the energy used to heat instead of light. LEDs on the other hand are super-efficient at this. This means that a relatively small three watt LED bulb will give you as much if not more output than a 100 watt incandescent bulb. You could therefore either have a brighter light for the same power consumption or use smaller bulbs reducing the load on your batteries.

Lighting is always the biggest problem when it comes to camping outside, and just thinking that your eyes will get accustomed to the darkness will not work, especially if you have a family along. Adequate, if not necessarily bright, lights must be provided, and however large a spare battery you carry along, you will have to start up your vehicle to charge up your batteries at least once every day if not more often. If you want to really have fun and have put up a large patio outside your RV with lights strung around so that you can enjoy the outdoors, this is even more of a headache.

Going in for LED trailer lights is therefore a wise alternative. They make sure that you can have as many lights as you wish for without undue worry about whether your batteries will have enough juice to start up the next morning. Although they are a little more expensive than the normal bulbs, they give a lot in return, the biggest being a worry free holiday. This is especially so if you really want to enjoy your camping experience, and invite a few neighbors over for a barbecue. All of a sudden you think batteries and start up your vehicle. If you are lucky and the wind is blowing away from you, all you have to contend with is the noise. If on the other hand the elements have conspired against you, your party is breaking up within ten minutes. You can save yourself a lot of trouble with just this one change, and it is not as expensive as even getting a bigger battery, or what you pay extra in fuel bills.