The Best WordPress Event Registration Plugin

You have probably dealt with registrations in various functions in classes, fairs, events, shows, social parties, meetings, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions, where you are asked to register your name, contact details, and pay a membership fee or compulsory joining fees, if there are any. You have probably observed how accessible and instant the process was, and that is due to the assistance of event registration software if it was done online.

Installing event registration software is a convenient way to plan, organize, manage, execute, and automate tedious duties related to events management. Gone are the days of manual registration and long cues of people and of keeping them waiting and frustrated.

The participants just have to log in to register on the computer, which won’t take more than 5 minutes of their time. Inevitably, online businesses and organizations with official websites have discovered the reliability of utilizing event registration software and this is one for the reasons that it’s become popular in the industry. Since it has been one of the most in-demand software for IT and commercial usage, event registration developers have managed to make the software more accessible to the public by creating event registration plugins for Internet publishing platforms.

For WordPress users, there are various choices of event registration plugins available for download in the plugin directory of WordPress. But, to help you find the best WordPress event registration plugin, I have selected four of which have acquired 5 complete stars from the average rating of users’ reviews.

First is the CodeTree Seminar Event Manager, which requires WordPress version 2.9 or higher. What is special about this plugin is the use of Google Calendar that may be formatted to the local time zone of your user for event tracking.

Second is the Eventbrite for Pods, which requires WordPress version 3.2 or higher and uses the Pods CMS Framework and Pods UI plugins. Administrators can automatically view the attendees through API syncing.

Third is SimpleTick eTicket Widget, which requires WordPress version 2.8 or higher. It’s the one-click process that makes this plugin a popular choice. In just one click, people can instantly view all details of the event. Modes of payment software like PayPal and Google Checkout are automatically built into this plugin once installed.

The fourth and last but not necessarily the least is the Simple Event Attendance (SEATT), which requires WordPress version 3 or higher. On the menu, administrators need to type in the event’s name, a short description, attendee limit, and time until when the registration closes, so it’s automated. Participants may leave comments once registered and the administrator may remove or edit the list of participants for any reason whatsoever.

So if you run a WordPress blog and you’re looking for the best event registration plugins for WordPress that are free then you can’t go wrong with any of these.