Duties of a Financial Analyst

A financial analyst will find that their job duties will vary greatly depending on what type of company they work for but a lot of people want to know the entry level financial analyst salary. For instance, if the financial analyst is working for a bank or financial institution their duties may include researching opportunities for potential investments using statistical software to analyze their findings and preparing reports for their employers. If they were working for the financial department of a large health care organization they might be involved in developing budgets and making projections of earnings and preparing presentations for investors. They are involved in complicated duties such at studying a complete industry and assessing any changes in business practices and policy regulations and monitoring the economy and its effect on their company. The financial analyst salary will be based on the level of expertise that is required for the specific job and the amount of education and work experience the individual has acquired.

As with any profession, the more educated an individual is to begin with the higher the starting salary will be. Beginning a career as a financial analyst while meeting minimal education requirements means that an individual will have to work harder for a longer period of time to achieve success. This is why dedication and hard work at the start of a career is so important. High quality employers will be interested in employing individuals with a four year degree and any work related experience obtained while getting their education. If the financial analyst wants to progress in their field they might apply for an opportunity to take three six hour long tests along with evaluation of their level of education and their ethics to become a chartered financial analyst. Attaining this title will make this person eligible for senior level financial analyst jobs with much more responsibility along with a much higher salary.