Rising Coffee Prices

An increase in coffee bean prices up to 40% has caused anxiety and panic situations in numerous places since it came about. The coffee bean was at a steady $1 per pound for the last century, but has been showing fluctuations in pricing of late and if coffee moguls are to be believed they are of the opinion that this change will become permanent. The coffee that used to cost around $1 per pound is now at $2 per pound and this price could be here to stay.

The increase in pricing is attributed to the bad weather conditions that have been prolonged in the major coffee producing countries of late. That coupled with an increased ‘land squeeze’ problem coffee production has taken a backseat. Besides the cultivation and the production prices of coffee are not cheap, rather it is a very expensive product to produce. This is seen as the only way that the markets are trying to pacify the situation. The situation where the need of coffee is ever increasing but the supply of the same is seeing an all time low. The increase in price can be seen as the kick that the farmers needed to get back to producing coffee full fledged.

But many are also of the opinion that it is not going to make much of a difference to the general retail buyers and sellers. The increase in the ‘per pound’ price is still very little to make any major difference to the ’per cup’ price. There are some coffee giants though who have woken up to this and said that there will be an increase in their menu prices. This can mean even more expensive coffee in your cup holders. There has been a notice though, a very interesting trend that has come to light in the recent recession. There are more and more people who are now resorting to home brewed coffee instead of going to the coffee house. This trend is new and fresh and more humane one might say. This also was responsible for triggering off never before seen sales of coffee beans in retail outlets. Cup holders are the latest in office trends and wheelchair accessories as they free up work space while still allowing the coffee to be in hands reach. It becomes extremely cheap for people to still have coffee everyday if they follow the trend of home brewing.