How to Throw a Halloween Party

If you have never thrown a part before because you are not sure how to go about it, we have some tips that will make the job simpler like how to decorate birthday cakes. These tips would be applicable to a party of any theme, but we will focus on throwing a Halloween party for the purposes of this article. Just know that you can change a few of these things and throw an equally successful Easter party or birthday party.

The first thing we recommend is that you use cupcakes as the main feature of the party. This is because cupcakes allow you to take care of not only the food for the party, but they also work as decorations for the party. Think about it. You spend time decorating the cupcakes (or buying them already decorated for Halloween), so why not display them in a way that turns them into decorations as well? You can even buy some pre made cupcakes and add your own Halloween cupcake decorations such as witches or ghosts on a little toothpick in order to save money and give the cupcakes a more personal touch. For a Christmas party, you would simply change the type of decorations from Halloween to Christmas by sprinkling some white cupcakes with red or green sugar sprinkles, for instance. So that is the way you could alter the party to fit any theme.

To create the display, you would use cupcake stands. These are little towers on which you display your cupcakes or other desserts, and they turn your cute desserts into a centerpiece display. You spent so much time and effort making the cupcakes look cute, so this allows you to get the most out of that cupcake decorating that you did, and it also gives your party a focus, and provides a central location around which your guests can gather!