Finding Your Perfect Mother of the Bride Shoes

Since your daughter was a toddler playing “here comes the bride,” you and she have dreamed of this day. At last it is here, and you are the proud mother of the bride. Remembering her clumping along in your high-heeled shoes, through the laughter and tears, you realize you need to shop for your own mother of the bride shoes. You will want to look your very best on your daughter’s special day, but you will also need to be as comfortable as possible. Now is probably not the best time, for instance, to experiment with a style of shoes that you have never worn before.

When putting together your mother of the bride outfit, look over your wardrobe, including your shoes, and think about what style and material in which you feel most comfortable.  Think of the time of day of the wedding, how long and where the reception will be held, whether it will be inside or outdoors. Also consider the theme and style of the wedding. For casual outdoor or afternoon weddings, a lower heeled shoe may be the best choice. If the wedding is a really formal affair, then mother of the bride shoes in a more high fashion style would be appropriate.

You may want to purchase two pairs of shoes to match your outfit. Buy one high-heeled pair to wear to the wedding and for the photographs, and one lower-heeled pair to wear for the reception and dancing. If you do not have a mother of the bride outfits guide, you will still make good decisions with a little research. Shop early, so that you do not have to make a hasty choice. Wear your mother of the bride shoes at home several times to ensure that they are comfortable before the big day. Remember to scuff the soles or attach rubber patches to them to prevent slipping on stairs or on a polished dance floor.