Modifications On The Master Cleanse Recipe

The master cleanse diet is now popular as a quick weight loss solution after it was mentioned by the singer Beyonce Knowles on Oprah. Aside from losing weight, this method can also help the body detoxify naturally. Some say that aside from being effective, this is definitely a cheaper way to lose weight than buying weight loss products. The master cleanse recipe calls for lemon juice, maple syrup (grade B), cayenne pepper powder, and filtered water, all mixed up to make a special lemonade. Recently, those who practice this diet regularly say that certain modifications make it better.

The original recipe was made by Stanley Burroughs, wherein he stated that prior to drinking the lemonade, one should drink a mixture of sea salt and warm water first thing in the morning. This saltwater flush was meant to be a laxative which supposedly aids in cleansing the colon. However, it has become too effective as a laxative for some people and they complain that they need to go to the toilet all the time. Doing so means disrupting their daily activities.

Considering that your only sustenance for the duration of the diet consists of only the lemonade, taking in this much salt on a daily basis can be bad for the body too. A lot of people complain of experiencing intestinal cramps due to the saltwater flush. Due to these concerns, people who do this diet on a regular basis eliminate the saltwater flush and drink detox or herbal teas instead.

Modifications were also introduced with regards to how to transition from the master cleanse diet to one’s regular diet. It is recommended to continue drinking fruit juices for two days after the diet, but this time it’s either grapefruit or orange juice. On the third day, one can progress to vegetable soups, and the day after that, salads. Meat and other cooked foods should be reintroduced gradually during the next few days. Detoxing can also reduce the population of beneficial bacteria in the colon. These bacteria are needed to protect the body. Taking foods with probiotics, such as yogurt, is also recommended after the finishing the diet.

Other modifications have also been suggested on the other ingredients in the master cleanse recipe. For example, some dieters have switched to using agave instead of using maple syrup. Others have also found that the cayenne pepper makes the lemonade taste bad. Thus, some people have resorted to taking it separately and not include it in the lemonade mixture.