The Amazing Little Gadget Known as the Purse Hook

Once in a while there is a gadget that comes along that actually turns out to be quite useful. The crystal purse hook. This is true for the folding purse hook created for use by people who take their purses with them to public places. Every woman who owns a handbag takes it with her when she goes out to a movie, restaurant or shopping at the mall. A purse is a handy way to carry items with you that you need to use during the time you are away from home. However, once you stop to sit for a while the problem arises as to where to place your purse for safe keeping.

The purse hook is created to be used in combination with a table or other flat surface area. It is a small item that has a decorative top section similar to a flat medallion. The hook is attached by a link so it actually falls below the table surface to discreetly hide along the side. You simply hang your purse on this hook to keep it next to you. The hook holders created as folding items will have the extensions attached to the hook created as hinged sections that fold up toward the medallion piece. This makes the entire item extremely compact so you can carry it inside your purse without having it take up a lot of room.

These table hook holders are made to hold most sizes and styles of bags that women use. It works equally well with handbags made of fabric or those made of leather. The classic brown handbags made of leather usually have several outer compartments that have zipper closures. This is a good place to keep your holder so it is easy to access when you decide to take a break during your day.