Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

Thousands of indoor tanning lotion products are available online for you to choose from. If you are not using tanning lotions while in the salon, then you really are missing a trick as they can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

About Indoor Tanning Lotions

These are special lotions formulated for use specifically in a tanning bed. Some crazy newbies try to save a few bucks by wearing sun cream during their sessions. Not only is this counter-productive–because the sun cream blocks the UVB which tans you, but it also damages the acrylics of the beds. Indoor tanning lotions filter the small amount of UVA light from the tanning bulbs (only 2% output) and then actually ENHANCE the effects of the UVB light by driving more melanin (the protein pigment in our skin responsible for tanning) to the skin’s surface layers.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions?

The king of the roost is Designer Skin. This brand has been leading the way in luxury and tanning technology for years. There supremo lotion is Spellbound tanning lotion–which is an international best-seller. Other lotions in their range include; ROAR, Worship Me and Bombshell.

Famous names to rival Designer Skin are Australian Gold and Swedish Beauty.

On a budget? No problem. Supre Tanning Lotion, Most Tanning Lotion and Ultimate Tanning Lotion are all easy on the wallet and yet produce fantastic results in the salon. A must see!!!

What To Look For?

In general, you want an indoor tanning lotion which is going to provide you with a good fake bake ingredient–allowing you to leave the salon already looking bronzed before the results have really kicked in–and with a tingle factor. This is an ingredient which drives more melanin to the surface layers than normal via the flow of blood cells. This can cause a pins and needles sensation all over the body, hence the name. It can also make the skin blushed and reddish.