BBQ in Comfort with a Grill Gazebo

Having a BBQ out on the patio is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and have some great tasting food. A traditional family activity, this can help you and your kids to enjoy each other’s company and have a great time on your days off. It’s also a wonderful way to interact with friends. The downside is, as with any outdoor activity, the weather is an ever-present danger to crash your party.

This is where a grill gazebo can really make a difference. By protecting your grill and part of your patio against the elements, you can continue making great food and enjoying your yard rain or shine.

Not just any gazebo is going to work in combination with a grill though. Many of the cheaper gazebos these days use canopies instead of hard top roofs. These fabric canopies can be damaged by the heat coming off the grill, and can be difficult to clean any soot off of too, and so aren’t a good match for a gazebo meant for protecting a grill.

Hardtop gazebos on the other hand have roofs made of more sturdy materials that can hold up to the heat. Metal canopies are the most well suited, though even wood can suffice. There are prefabricated grill gazebos, referred to as “grillzebos” that actually have integrated counter-tops as well. this can be a great way to instantly have an outdoor kitchen for your patio.

You have to be careful with other add on accessories to gazebos too, as the heat can damage them as well. Drop down netting and curtains are common additions to gazebos, but they may be damaged if used on a grill gazebo. Understanding this can help you to orient your grill in such a way as to keep the heat away from fragile fabrics and netting. Not taking it into account can have you looking for replacement gazebo curtains in very short order! So take the time to think through what you are adding to your gazebo, and how it interacts with the grill.