Glass Oil Lamps Are Both Decorative And Functional

A glass oil lamp has been around since the 1800s and have never really gone out of style. The original blown glass oil lamp were usually utilitarian in nature, used only to provide light and they burned kerosene, which has a distinctive odor. This is certainly not the case today. The vast assortment available today is not only more beautiful to display, will match any décor, is just as functional outdoors as indoors and now burns a paraffin oil that has no odor and can even be found in different colors to enhance a plain clear oil reservoir.

These versatile lights come in frosted, clear or milk glass and the styles range from hurricane chimneys to Victorian shades. Many can be obtained with decorative designs on either the shade or base, to match special decors or even shaped and designed for special holiday display. The warm glow of these lights is especially attractive for evening gatherings on the patio or deck. It is wise to purchase at least one of these lamps for an eye catching focal point for each room in the home, which will provide instant odorless illumination during power outages and even enough warmth to ward off a chill during the winter. These stylish and functional lamps are also an unusual and welcome gift for friends and family.

While these lamps are very durable, frequent use may require replacement of wicks and other glass oil lamp parts, such as chimneys, shades, burner assemblies or even a new filler cap and these parts are readily available. Choosing woven wicks for your lamps is wise, as they are usually longer lasting. Should you choose to occasionally burn kerosene in your lamp, you will need to clean the oil reservoir and replace the wick before burning clear oil, as these two types of fuel should not be mixed. You will never regret adding these decorative and functional lamps to your home décor.