Scary Pressure Cookers a Thing of the Past

So you are in theĀ  market to buy pressure cookers. Maybe you have asked around about people’s experiences with using these kitchen tools. Or, Heaven forbid, you have asked your grandmother. If that is the case you may have heard some scary stories about using pressure cookers. You may have been told to stay away from them because they are very dangerous to use. Maybe you were told that using a pressure cooker takes an expert touch because you have to know just how much food, water and pressure to apply. Maybe you were told that a pressure cooker is a maddening experience because they are noisy and make an awful whistling noise that can drive anyone in the kitchen out of their minds. Well, that scenario is a thing of the past regarding pressure cookers.

Pressure cookers have always had great advantages over other cooking methods. They cook food at a very high temperature versus microwaves, steaming and pots and pans, and other methods. Plus they save on the cost of cooking because you do not have to run your stove as long to cook a meal. They also make foods better because they lock all the flavor in. Since the food is sealed inside the cooker during the heating process all the ingredients, nutrients and juices are kept inside a sealed container rather than being steamed or microwaved away. They are also versatile because they can be used as a cooker, a canner, a slow cooker and some can even be used as rice cookers.

Pressure cookers are not dangerous anymore and they no longer make the annoying noises they once did. American, Asian and European companies have released some of the best pressure cookers ever available. They are safer and quieter than they ever were before.

So, do not be afraid of the pressure cooker from the stories you have heard from users of the ones from years ago. They are vastly improved.