Best coccyx cushion

Do you know the name of the end region of vertebral column in our human body? That is called as “coccyx” which is commonly referred as “tailbone” which is basically the fused portion of three to five vertebrae at the end of the spinal cord. This plays a vital role in providing lower support especially while we sit, acting as a weight bearing structure.

Any pain in this coccyx region is referred as ‘coccygodynia’ or ‘coccygeal pain’. This pain can be caused by too much of sitting or due to any injury caused during a car accident. For severe lower back pain in this coccyx region, it is advised to consult an orthopedic physician or surgeon.

Commercially there are some products available to cope up with this lower back pain, called ‘coccyx’ cushions which are designed in a special way to give proper support to the coccyx region thereby reducing the lower back pain.

Most of these coccyx cushions are made from foam that gets slightly compressed while you sit on it, reducing the pressure on the spine, especially at the coccyx region. They basically have a cut-out portion in ‘U’ shape or ‘square’ shape to eliminate the painful pressure on the coccyx.

These coccyx cushions come in different sizes and prices. Some cushions come in larger size covering the entire seat of a chair and some in smaller sizes to be fit in car seats. Most of the coccyx cushions are made out of ‘memory foam’ that basically captures the shape of the lower back of the person sitting on it acting like a mould to support him or her. If you take a look at their price you can get it as low as $16.95 and as high as $295 depending on the size and specifications. Most of the regular types fall in the $38 to $50 range. The best coccyx cushion in the coccyx seat cushion category are the donut pillow style cushions.