Use a Chair for Meditation

In this busy 21st Century, meditation practices are a way to quiet the spirit and find peace in a stressful time. A chair for meditation can help promote a better meditation session. It’s an excellent place to develop skills, especially for beginners. It provides proper alignment of the back and helps reduce stress on other parts of the body.

There are different types of meditation chairs. There is a chair suitable for each body type, weight and height. One style of chair has a very large seat with a straight back and arm rests. Made of mango wood, it is covered with cotton cushions. Another style of chair allows for the cross-legged, lotus position. The seat even curves down 3 inches to provide support for the knees. One type of chair is very wide and bean shaped. It is a comfortable place to practice meditation any time of day.  Some of these types of furniture can be made from reeds, seagrass or rattan materials.

Another great characteristic of these chairs is that some of these can be folded. This allows you to take them everywhere so you won’t have to miss a session. These portable chairs are usually very small but still provide the lumbar support that the bigger chairs have.

You can find them as inexpensive as $59.00, or they can cost a few hundred dollars. There are even meditation benches you can purchase. They also come in different colors, so you match them to fit the décor of your other furniture.

Buddhist meditation for beginners is not that difficult to learn. By focusing on the breath, a beginner can learn to detach from problems, issues and quiet a worried mind. With many months or years of practice, a person can learn to live mindfully and peacefully.

Meditation is becoming more of a way of life and a chair for meditation can help promote that lifestyle.