A quick word about gents watches

You’d be hard pressed to find a man who doesn’t like wrist watches. Nowadays wristwatches are a highly prestigious items, at least the well-known brands are, and they build upon this brand constantly with professional sportsman endorsements. The message from the watch manufacturer is simple. If you own a watch like these successful men then you must be successful yourself. There is no doubt that modern gents watches look fantastic. Tag Heuer’s with silver watch bands and Rolex’s with gold bands. Not to mention the cool and stylish blue and black watch  faces with  sleek designs.

However you pay a hefty price for their brand and good looks. It’s hard to believe that originally wristwatches word the poor relation of time keeping devices and it took a long time before they replaced the pocket watch as the premier timepiece for a gentleman. The move to watch is fastened to the rest came about during the First World War when soldiers needed to tell the time but could not afford the luxury of removing one hand from their weapon. Initially it was ladies who wore wrist watches but after the war the practicalities of the wristwatch worn out and men adopted them for themselves.

As with most things technology progressed rapidly through the century. First the power source was replaced. Instead of a windup spring batteries were introduced their power output was so low you could only see the time when you press the button. Further developments moved the watch to be entirely digital with clockwork mechanism is being replaced by circuitry. Now we have watches that can keep time with an accuracy of one second per year. And these are not even the expensive watches. The common or garden digital wristwatch that cost less than $30 keeps exceptional time with a battery that will last for several years or even longer.