A Guide to Baking Sugar Flowers

Believe it or not but you don’t have to be an expert or long-time pastry chef to bake sugar flowers as well as other edible flower arrangements. You don’t even need an expansive range of baking tools and equipment in your possession. To bake simple, pretty, but tasty sugar flowers, all you need to do is devote a good amount of time and effort to your project.
Ingredient List
It’s very important that you have all the essential ingredients for making sugar flowers.
Gum paste is the most important. It’s an edible dough but not exactly tasty at the start. Don’t worry though; that can be quickly remedied later on. Gum paste is made from a combination of confectioner’s sugar, shortening, egg whites, food coloring, and finally, tylose. The last bit, by the way, is a simply a thickening agent and you can purchase it from your local grocery or baking shop anytime. You can also order it online and have it delivered to your home.
Start Baking!
Start mixing all the ingredients to create your gum paste. Once all of them have been mixed together, allow the mixture to rest overnight.
When a sufficient amount of time has passed for the mixture to rest thoroughly, you can start kneading your dough. If you don’t know how to knead dough, you can easily access articles or video tutorials to help you with kneading.
After kneading, take out your rolling pin and start rolling your dough. You want it flat and thin enough to use it as a cupcake or cookie topper.
Do you have cookie cutters or flower stamps? You can use them to start trimming sugar flowers from the dough. You can also add leaves and curly stems to add a bit more design to your final product.
Once your sugar flowers have dried completely, you can use petal dust to add more color and other variations to them.