Designer Bedding Ensembles Update the Average Bedroom

Everyone wants — and should have — a bedroom that is welcoming at the end of the day.  Unfortunately, some of us spend all our time and money decorating the more public rooms in the home.  We select the ideal furniture for our living rooms and dining rooms.  We color coordinate the upholstery and the drapes.  We add a vase of flowers to the dining room table or the console table in the entryway to make the interior decor appealing.  However, in truth most of us decorate to impress our guests and visitors, to win the approval of others.

If there is one room in the home that the typical visitor will not enter, it is our bedrooms.  Often we fail to update the decor or even make up our beds each morning, knowing that most guests will have no reason to enter our personal space.  In other words, we treat our bedrooms and our personal space with less attention to detail than the rest of the house.  Now, just close your eyes and imagine the ideal bedroom.  Imagine a room with a beautiful bedding ensemble and matching draperies.  How inviting would that be at the end of the day?

Selecting a turquoise and brown comforter set, perhaps from the Angela Adams collection, would definitely dress up an ordinary room.  With the cool shades of turquoise for restfulness and the circular brown patterns for substance and texture, any of us would appreciate not only the updated theme but the inviting appeal of a restful night.  Whether this color scheme or another would be more appealing, what is important is that the bedroom would be decorated rather than ignored.

Designer bedding ensembles need not be expensive to be the finishing touch of the home decor and the invitation to the best night of sleep in years.  After all, we all deserve a bedroom that is as inviting as the rest of the home.