Three Natural Hair Restoration Products

Hair restoration products for the balding can be found promoted throughout the media. However, most individuals are concerned about the consequences of using artificial drugs to treat a natural physical condition. Too many times the side effects of drugs do not become apparent until years after use. There are, however, natural hair restoration products that maintain what hair remains, such as Palm, Saw Palametto or Stingy Nettle.

Research in the Southeastern Gulf Shore has proven to find the derivative of a palm bush to provide a natural alternative to the artificial products in the current market. Originally, the plant was used to treat urinary tract concerns for males. During the research, there was a correlation found between the extract of palm and the treatment of male hair loss. Saw Palmetto, another plant of this region, acts as a DHT blocker. The hormonal metabolite, DHT, dihydrotestosterone, is responsible for male prostate issues and for men with male hair loss who have hereditary baldness. The 5-alpha reductase is a specific enzyme that translates the testosterone to DHT. DHT aggravates the male hair roots and starts the balding process. It generally begins with the hair follicles found on the forehead, creating a receding hairline or on the back of the head at the classic bald spot. This enzyme appears to be reduced when Saw Palmetto or Stingy Nettle is taken which consequently produces less DHT.

Stinging nettles are found mostly in northern Europe, Mexico, The Pacific Northwest and much of Asia. Nettle is used in hair loss shampoos, and has been extensively studied in human clinical trials as a treatment for symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia(BPH). Because it contains 3, 4-divanilyltetrahydrofuran, certain extracts of the nettle are used by bodybuilders in an effort to increase free testosterone by occupying sex-hormone binding globulin. Some globulins are produced in the liver, while others are made by the immune system.

These natural remedies, Saw Palmetto, Palm and Stingy Nettle can be found online or in natural health stores.