Where to Buy an Oxygenics 80227 TriSpa Handheld Shower

If you are looking to reduce your household bills then a good place to start is with water conservation. Water is a precious commodity that is becoming more so every year as the world population rises and places more of a strain on the fresh water supply. You can reduce the price for a shower by half by installing a good low flow showerhead.

One of the best low flow shower heads currently on the market is the Oxygenics 80227 TriSpa. If you are wondering where to buy an Oxygenics 80227 Shower head for a cheap price, the answer is online at a reputable retailer like Amazon. The best price for an Oxygenics 80227 TriSpa Handheld Shower is $57.

The Oxygenics 80227 has a gallons per minute rate of just 2.5. Compare this to a standard shower that uses 5 gallons per minute. The low flow rate of the Oxygenics is not achieved by reducing water pressure. Instead the shower wand has 16 air-intake ports that suck air as the water passes and mixes the water and the air together.

The result is a great shower experience. You wash in aerated water. This has a beneficial health affect like a spa. The aerated water stimulates cell activity and leaves your skin feeling more subtle and younger looking.

It also feels great showering with an Oxygenics 80227 TriSpa Shower. There are three settings to choose from. The first is a strong blast that fires away the dirt. The second setting feels like bubbles and the third is a lighter option for delicate parts of your body.

By using an Oxygenics 80227 you can expect to make savings of about $15 on your water and heating bills. That means that the shower head pays for itself in just three months. It is a great way to start ‘greening up’ your home by conserving water and it is a great shower experience.