Financial Opportunities for Veterinary Technicians

Most employers prefer to hire employees with the required education instead of training an applicant on the job. It makes it so much easier for the employer to be able to start a person at the veterinary technician salary and know that they will be able to perform all the necessary vet tech job duties right from the start. A vet technician that has graduated from the many vet tech programs is a top quality employee and can step right into the vet tech job the first day. This means that this employee is very valuable to the clinic, hospital or company and because of this they will not only receive the beginning vet tech salary of around twenty five thousand plus dollars salary the first year but that will include a benefit plan which includes vacation pay, holiday pay, sick leave, and a 401K plan and bonuses based on the individual’s job performance.

There is also an opportunity for the vet tech to improve themselves by taking courses while working that will help them become eligible for the veterinary technologist salary which tops out around forty plus thousand dollars per month. The job duties of the two positions are very similar but the vet technologist will have much more responsibility in the areas of surgery and possibly management of the clinic or hospital and teaching and training entry level vet techs. These new employees need a senior vet tech to guide them through their first months of employment so that they can attain the success of being the best vet tech and advance to the position of veterinary technologist. Someday they may be in the position to take a new vet tech under their wing and help them in the many steps it takes to reach the top financial area of this field.