What Is the Most Expensive Laptop in the World?

Laptops have become an essential electronic device of today’s generation due to the integration of the components of a personal computer and the ability to provide mobility and convenience. Almost everyone I know owns a laptop! Perhaps this is due to the availability of inexpensive units to extend assistance to those who cannot afford too spend very much.

Surprisingly, you can own a laptop at a retail price of as low as $300-$500! If you are only after a reliable mobile network connection and use office applications, units at this price range are good bargains. Consequently, there are laptops specifically designed to provide certain advanced technological functions in gaming and so those ones cost more. Some of the most popular brands of laptops in the market today are HP, Asus, Sony Vaio, Acer, Toshiba, and of course, Apple, which costs more than the other brands mentioned because of the inimitable operating system developed for the exclusive use of Mac users, the Mac OS.

However, have you ever been so curious to find out what the most expensive laptop in the world is? No need to look further because I will reveal to you the brand behind the first million-dollar laptop manufactured in this generation.

The UK-based brand Luvaglio® is the brand name behind the first million-dollar laptop in the world. The information about this started out as rumors and hearsays, but finally, in the early part of this year, Luvaglio® CEO Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio revealed the much-awaited details about this luxurious laptop.

He confirmed the news that one of their products is a Luvaglio® laptop which will cost more than US$1,000,000. “Unlike many of the highly priced products being released, we took our time to develop something out of the ordinary with real attention to detail,” Luvaglio said, in defense as to why this laptop costs so much money.

According to the press release distributed by Luvaglio®, this laptop features a solid state storage, 28GB hard drive, a blue-ray drive, built-in USB memory stick & MP3 player, integrated screen cleaning, a jewel-encrusted power button, and a 17-inch screen. Little about the specification of this laptop was known because up to date, Luvaglio® has been secretive to exhibit the exceptional qualities of this product. In fact, even in its official website, only those who are given appointments and invitations to view the product details can access the password-powered website.

According to Mr. Luvaglio himself, their clients are methodically selected and are given full command to request the exact features of the laptop they want to purchase, whether diamond-encrusted exterior or any other customization requested.

Luvaglio® does not disclose, in any circumstance, the names of their clients. Truly, this most expensive laptop in the world will remain a mystery for the rest of us.