Simple Dating Tips for Men

The first time you go on a date your legs may feel like Jello and your heart might feel like it is about to burst out of your chest.  For some men that feeling fades as they become more experienced in the realm of dating.  However, there is always a degree of stress related to how to act on a first date, or the best way to go about establishing a connection.  The fact is there are never any guarantees when it comes to finding love and sometimes it happens by accident.  So while a man wades through a pool of possible opportunities they will also face embarrassing situations and outright rejection.  Hopefully it all culminates in and eventual partnership with someone special, and here are some dating tips for men that might help.

1.  Remember that conversation is the key to a good first date.  Even if you choose a dating activity that results in a lot of fun, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to connect with someone else if you don’t have a chance to talk.  So always include a portion of your date where you get to know one another.  Trade information back and forth and make sure to listen as much as you talk.

2.  One of the worst things you can talk about when it comes to first dates is past relationships.  No matter how interesting a story you think you may have, stay away from this topic at all costs.  There is a good chance that you can carry your past luggage into the conversation and it won’t help matters at all.  If you feel that your date is actually steering towards that topic, make sure to carefully guide her away.

3.  It’s fine if you want to have a few drinks to relax but overall it’s best to stay away from alcohol together.  There’s always the chance that you might have one too many and then the date will descend into troubled waters.  It might be better to pick a place where drinking is not an option so that you don’t get tempted at all.

4.  It’s essential that you remain a challenge in the overall scope of things.  If a girl knows that you will be at her beckon call at all hours of the night then she is going to lose interest in you.  People want what they can’t have so without resorting to outright mind games just make sure that you don’t appear too needy or desperate.  While there are no love spells that work to make a girl lose interest immediately, being needy comes pretty close.