How to Clean Grout Between Tiles

Nobody likes to clean. Well, some people like to clean but those people probably don’t need to be searching the web for cleaning tips. If you’re here is likely because you don’t like to clean and you want to fastest and easiest way to get it done. Well when it comes to cleaning the grout between the tiles in your bathroom I’ve got some simple and effective tips to help you along.

Let’s just go over briefly the reason this job in necessary in the first place: mold. Mold likes to grow in damp places and your shower is the perfect place. After all, how often to you wipe down your shower walls, drying them completely, every time you take a shower? Not likely. Although right there is the best way to prevent mold from ever growing. The next best prevention is to make a weak mixture of vinegar and water. Put that in a spray bottle and spray down the walls after every shower. That will go a long way to preventing mold growth.

How to know if you’ve already got mold growing? Look for black spots; they’ll only be on the grout lines between the tiles. If you’ve got that then you’ll need a stronger cleaner. Here’s how to clean grout between tiles. A fairly effective solution is to make a paste out of bleach powder and a little water. Apply that to the black spots, let it sit thirty minutes to an hour, then scrub and rinse. A more effective product on the market is oxygenated bleach. Look for a high amount of the active ingredient. It might cost more but it’s worth it in saved effort.

A final tip: lot’s of folks will tell you to save your old toothbrushes for grout scrubbing. Actually, old brushes have softened bristles and are terrible for scrubbing. Spend the dollar and buy a new toothbrush, the firmed the better.

So there’s the facts on how to clean grout between tiles. Hope this helps! 🙂