Wheat Intolerance – What it Is and Strategies for Living with It!

Recently, we have been hearing a lot about food sensitivities.  Even though this is not a new concept all together, it is something that we are becoming much more aware of.  Certainly a large part of the increase in attention is simply the result of media focus.  Most health experts agree that there are more people dealing with food sensitivities than ever.  While there is some debate as to why this is, most experts agree that the problem is that what we eat is simply too clean.  The meat that most people eat is treated with antibiotics and water is loaded with chemicals.  This can leave our stomachs without the good bacteria necessary to properly digest many types of foods.

A food intolerance that is increasingly becoming an issue is wheat intolerance.  This non-allergic response is caused by the gluten protein that is found in grains.  When we speak of grains, we are talking about any food that is a member of the grass family.  This includes wheat and also millet, barley, oats, rye and sourghum.  All of these plants are direct descendants of wild grasses.

Every person experiences the symptoms of wheat intolerance in their own way.  Very often, the most prominent symptoms is stomach troubles that are so severe that they can be mistaken for irritable bowel syndrome.  Depression, low energy and fatigue are other symptoms that many people experience.  Even though it is not quite as common, many people also experience skin irritations in the form of itchy skin, hives and rashes.

Staying away from foods which contain wheat gluten is the solution for those with wheat intolerance.  This can be challenging since gluten is found in all sorts of foods like ice cream and ketchup.  You may want to think about buying a gluten free cookbook, because this will make things much easier.  You may find that there are gluten free foods you enjoy that you have never tried before.  One gluten free food that many people enjoy is quinoa.    Quinoa salad is a great meal that you can enjoy that is gluten free and delicious.