Plan Your Weekly Meals to Lose Weight

One of the most difficult factors as regards to dieting is to prevent oneself from giving in to the body’s cravings for food and more food. Eating spontaneously can be very tempting especially for people who easily crave for sugar. People on diet for almost three weeks think that they deserve to eat sugar, just for being a good follower of a diet plan. But too many treats for being good can destroy the diet and result to poor results. Planning everything when it comes to a following a diet plan is very important in achieving the desired goal – to lose weight.

Before I continue, We would want to note I’m not really some sort of weight loss authority or some big company like weightwatchers or jennycraig in any respect. We simply took whichever works and pass the strategies to you.

It is good to plan out the week in advance. Planning your meals for the coming week ahead of time helps you to visualize yourself into actually eating only the food you planned to eat for that particular day and for that particular meal. After having a planned meal for the week, follow the plan in a cycle, it sounds boring because of the repetition but discipline and determination will keep you on track. This pushes your desire to reach your goal giving you a strong sense of accomplishment after following your planned meal.

Divide your meals into several light meals and spread it throughout your day. This is better that eating your meals in bulk. Meal serving should diminish as the sun sets, meaning, have a hearty breakfast, light supper and very little dinner with very small portions of snacks in between. Schedule your day so as to fit your mealtimes and snack times throughout the day and remember to eat on schedule. Missing out an eating time in this kind of diet can ruin everything. Everything works as planned if you are right on your schedule. Eating this way makes you burn fat by helping your body digest food easily and more efficiently.

Eat tasty but healthy foods. It is a misconception that food that tastes good can make your body fat. This is never the case at all. Eating foods that taste good and are healthy is the best way to tell you that you are not actually dieting but just enjoying yourself. Of course, there should be no overeating but you can opt to eat the same tasty food in different times of the day, save those extra foods for later. Salads may be boring but putting garnish in it is already fun and exciting much more good too if done using oranges and some oil and vinegar. Not only is your salad tasty and sweet, it is very healthy too. Dieting and eating food doesn’t have to be boring; you can always find tasty and healthy food.

Planning your diet for a week and religiously following it is a very big step into achieving your ultimate goal of losing weight. It can be boring, disheartening, and too much of a struggle at first, but if your body and your taste buds start to adjust itself and adapt to your newfound habits, then it would be easier for you to stick to it. It takes discipline and a sense of responsibility to achieve your desired weight. Just never give in to temptations and you are one step ahead of wearing your bikinis out in the open this coming summer season.

Remember to plan your meals for the week ahead of time, stick to your plan and eat tasty and healthy meals. If possible, plan your meals in such a way that the meal courses do not repeat in two consecutive days for the rest of the week as this will keep you from wanting other food outside your meal plan.