Darling Review of The Movie

The existence of Hindi movie in the entertainment world shows the competitiveness of Indian casts and directors. It manifests their wit and intelligence in uplifting their status in the society. Hindi movies are produced by Bollywood. Its career booms in mid 1940s and 1960s demonstrating the quality of film to boast in the industry. Here is Darling Hindi movie review:

There were numerous of films that Bollywood produced annually. Some were even considered as box office hit while others were given average remarks by critics. But it doesn’t define a loss on the part of the movie outfit. They take the negative comments as a challenge to create picture that can be viable just like Hollywood movies are.

One of the box office hits that Hindi can be proud of is Darling. This film was rolled in the big screen in India as well as other parts of the world in 2007. It is said that this movie is a breakthrough production of Ram Gopal Verma after several years of flopping in the industry. The movie is considered as romantic horror where story revolves around family relationship and illicit affair of a husband.

Aditya who is happily married to Ashvini was having an illicit affair outside his marriage life with Gita, his secretary. The horrible story begins when Gita accidentally died during their violent argument. The fight was due to her pregnancy where he disowns the child afraid that he might lose his wife and son. His mistress wasn’t at peace on what happened to her, thus, resurrecting into a ghost and disturbing Aditya’s conscience. It leads him to confessing the incident to his wife and left him after knowing his forbidden secret. In her escape, Ashvini was caught in a car accident and finds her in coma. Gita’s forgiveness is the only key to make her awake but her soul will live forever in her body.

The film shows excellent performance of casts as they dwell beyond the character they played. It receives positive comments from movie critics as it consistently maintains the climax all throughout the film. It shows clarity of the narrative plot and illustrates well the script. The director initiates in manipulating the twist with thrill and excitement as it goes beyond the expectation of the viewers. This proves that Bollywood can compete even in the global cinema bringing the pride and smart of Indian people.