Perils Of Hurricanes And Floods

There are many different perils in life and its hard to be prepared for all of them. These emergency situations come out of the blue sometimes, take a flood for instance. Your home is the most valuable investment you have, so adequate protection is in order.

House insurance is the only way to protect your most precious possession, so it is massively important to know what specialist policy inclusions are, such as flood insurance when insuring your home. Do you live in a flood prone area?

Now we all know that most standard home insurance policies don’t cover floods and water damage. So lets take a look at what constitutes¬† as flood waters. When 2 or more acres are inundated by water or mudflow or 2 are more properties are inundated.

The problem starts when homeowners think they are covered because the damage that they are thinking about like wind from hurricanes is covered, but they don’t think about the water damage which is not covered unless they have flood insurance.

When water from a hurricane is blown into your home it can cause thousands of dollars in damage to floors and furniture. Take Katrina for instance, Homeowners were shock and saddened when there insurance companies would not pay for water damage because they did not have flood insurance.  The losses due to katrina were estimated at 61 billion yea that B.

So please check your policy and make sure you are covered for floods if you think you might need it. Don’t get caught with your pants down because your wallet might float away. Did you know that even after Katrina less people have flood insurance than they did before Katrina.

Get with your insurance broker today and make sure you know what your policy covers its to bad that the insurance agents don’t take care of us like they should. But that is life.