5 Reasons To Do Summer Lawn Aeration

Aeration can greatly improved the entire looks of your lawn. It will help make the ground healthier and finer. Experts are not in unison as to the perfect time to aerate. Some are saying that fall season is a good time to aerate while others are claiming that spring is much better. Actually, the better idea is that you should aerate any time as long as your lawn soil is neither so wet nor too dry.

During summer time for instance, aerating can be perfectly performed. There are at least 5 good reasons why summer is a good season to aerate. For better overview, let us discuss them one by one.

1.       Aerating your lawn increases the level of water penetration deep down the soil. More water means good growth.

2.      It is not only the water flow that is promoted but the oxygen and air supply as well. It gives the soil surface a lot more breathing space.

3.      The soil compaction is necessarily reduced. The effect is to relive the whole root system hence, the turf becomes thicker and thicker.

4.      The root development will be very noticeable. Deeper roots bring stronger hold on the grasses.

5.     Lawn aeration breaks into pieces all thatch layers that had been building up over time. Thatch is never good. Thatch brings diseases on the lawn.

Aerating during the earlier part of the summer time is better performed on warm season type of grasses like Bermuda and buffalo grasses. In case you have a clay type soil, aerating must be conducted more often at least two times in year. However, for sandy type of soils, aerating one time in a year is already enough. After aerating, you need to do some follow ups like lawn watering. You can apply also herbicide to thwart any impending attack of weeds.