Wall Mounted and Ceiling mounted Bike Racks Saving Space

The garage is full of odds and ends, your storage room is the same, packed full to the brim, and the bicycle shelter has everything in it except the bike. What can you do? You need a space saving bicycle storage that is mounted on the wall or ceiling. Storing a bike can take a lot of space if you park it normally. You can store several bikes and have quick and easy access to them by using a bike rack which may take less space than parking one bike conventionally. These racks are easy to install, very strong and you can depend on them to do the job.

Everybody enjoys riding their bike but sometime the pleasure can be lost by not being able to get to you  bike easily or by having obstacles blocking your path as you start off. With one of these racks you can be sure to find your bike and get underway effortlessly. When you return you can be sure of a place and where to find it saving so much hassle. Maybe you have some bike gear you need to store; you don’t need to be a handy man to put a shelf above or below your rack to have everything in one convenient place. You can forget about the expense of buying a new shed with one of these value saving racks you will have everything you need for your bike almost instantly.

Some garages can be quite narrow; sometimes it’s a squeeze to get out of your car. You can mount your bike rack at a higher level in situations like this and still have room to get in and out of your car whilst your bike is stored on the wall. You can have peace of mind with wall mounted and ceiling mounted bike racks.