Why Parents Love Latex Mattresses For Kids

The benefits of a latex mattress cannot be understated. This mattress is also very comfortable and a favorite amongst a great number of people. Latex mattresses can also be a great choice for young children. Natural latex has great hypo hypoallergenic properties and are also a great choice for reducing the problem of dust mites and other bed bugs that can cause problem. A young child only requires about four inches of medium latex for support, so you could start with a smaller mattress and then add a “topper” as they grow older. Here we will look at the advantages of both latex mattresses and latex toppers.

Latex is by nature, an anti-microbial, hypoallergenic material that is also resistant to dust mites, mildew and mould. Latex does not suffer from contamination when potential “accidents” happen during the night, so a latex mattress or topper combined with an organic wool pad can be one of the safest and most convenient of all sleeping environments for young children.

A starter latex mattress can be purchased that features a four-inch latex core, which is a perfect solution for a young child who is just getting used to their first bed. The original four-inch mattress should suit your young child until he reaches around 100 pounds and by adding a two or three-inch topper latex layer, it’ll extend the life of the mattress beyond the time when your child outgrows their mattress.

An additional benefit of adding a topper is that there is no need to laminate the layer to the core. It is in fact, not recommended to use adhesives in general, due to the risk of off-gassing. Simply placing a latex topper directly onto the existing mattress should be all that you need to do. Latex mattresses come in standard mattress sizes, so there is no need to say hunt all over town for compatible futon covers as is the case with an odd-sized futon bed, or other non standard bedding furniture.

A quality natural latex mattress is a great investment that should last you a lot longer than a conventional inner spring mattress. A latex mattress is not only durable, but offers many other benefits, whether it’s for a young child, or a fully grown adult. While the feeling of sleeping on latex is unrivalled in itself, it also has the property of conforming to the nuances of your particular body shape and thus offering greater support and a more comfortable and deeper sleep. In Summary, a latex mattress and topper are a great first mattress for a young child, due to both the comfort of latex and the hypoallergenic properties, resistance to dust mites, temperature control and much more.