Pet Rabbit Care for New Owners

Rabbits are one of the most common first pets in the world.  They make a good alternative to larger animals that require a bit more effort to maintain.  But one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to rabbit care is not doing proper research beforehand.  These are not goldfish that you are dealing with, and it takes a certain degree of dedication to make sure that your rabbit is healthy.  Rabbits are small and delicate, and they require a gentle hand in order to make sure that they’re happy.

Every once in a while it’s good to give your rabbit a bath.  Your pet will probably not like this very much so you have to go about it carefully.  Gently take your rabbit and cover its eyes so that it will keep calm.  And lower the rabbit into the bath area and splash water on its fur carefully.  Make sure to wash the tail region and thoroughly dry your rabbit when it’s all over.  You can finish off the job by brushing your rabbits for to make sure that it is neat and trim.

Some rabbits don’t like to be picked up so it’s important to respect their privacy when you sense that it wants to be left alone.  On occasions where you have to pick up your rabbit like when cutting its fingernails, always approach calmly so that you don’t send your rabbit into shock.  Set up a good rabbit cage in the corner of the room and designate that area completely for your pet.  It’s important for a rabbit to have a refuge from all the hustle and bustle of a common household.  Remember to teach your children the essential aspects of rabbit care so that they don’t end up injuring the bunny.  You will find that rabbits can live for quite a long time so they provided excellent chance to learn about responsibility.