Ease High Heel Pain with Metatarsal Pads

Fashion has become an unavoidable phenomenon in our lives these days. Everybody wants to look elegant, graceful and modern. For women wearing high heels is classy, men are attracted to high heels. High heels add an extra sexy touch to any woman’s outlook. Women also feel confident in high heels. The problem with high heels is that they are not very convenient to wear. On TV they show that actresses wear high heels with ease and comfort and can do anything with them on, but in reality that is far from truth. High heels can turn out to be so uncomfortable that some women have given up on them. This roots a dilemma for any fashionable woman. It is a very tough choice for women to choose between fashion and comfort. In fact as opposed to men, women would go for fashion more than comfort.

Metatarsal bones in the foot share the burden of a person through walking and running activities. High heels alter the balance between these bones resulting in pain and distress.

What is the solution for high heels then? It is simple. To deal with the discomfort of high heels is to buy a good pair of metatarsal pads. Metatarsal pads serve as a cushion for your feet. They correspond to the shape and movement of your feet. They are placed between in your shoes to ease the stress. They are simple yet very effective. They are not only used to eliminate high heel pains but almost any sort of foot stresses.

Metatarsal pads come in many types, the most popular one these days is silicone metatarsal pads. The key thing is that when you buy metatarsal pads, make absolutely sure that they fit in your shoes properly; any small or big pads won’t function properly. In some cases non fitting pads can damage your feet.