The Best Laptop Brands of 2010

Several manufacturers came out with laptops in 2010. Some came out with excellent units and there were some laptops under 500 which were very notable. However, there were some companies which failed to live up to expectations. Surprisingly, there are not so known names that made it to the list of the best laptop brands because of their excellent design, terrific customer support and impressive functionality. Let us get to know some of these companies.

  • Lenovo. Lenovo is known for their durable and reliable units. They have a great reputation for ergonomics. The company has received several awards. Lenovo machines tend to score above average and they have highly durable designs. When trouble comes, do not worry because Lenovo has a friendly and knowledgeable tech support which can assist you. Lenovo’s applications and software are very convenient and easy t use even for first time customers. Although the company has a 21.5% failure rate, a lot of people are still very much satisfied with Lenovo’s performance.
  • Apple. Apple is considered by many as the best laptop brand of 2010. The company offers nothing but superior designs, top-notch performance and marvelous software. Their tech support is also leagues better compared to other companies. Apple notebooks might cost a lot but they are worth the price. Apple’s designs are innovative, iconic are functional. Most MacBooks have a sleek and streamlined appearance. The speakers on MacBooks might fall short; heat is never a problem with them. Customers are also given the option to customize their MacBooks but some customers think that prices are way too much. Nevertheless, MacBooks continues to be a favorite of many.
  • HP. HP sold the most number of laptops in the year 2010. Although that does not mean that you are the best in the business, it means that you have a terrific formula which people keep coming back to. Most HP laptops have above average grades and they consistently perform well. HP laptops have great designs and are very functional. The only bad thing about HP is their tech support and their website which is quite hard to navigate. Although there are people who say that they are not going to buy an HP even if they are given a free rolling laptop case, HP remains to be one of the most solid companies when it comes to laptops.