Finding The Best Bathroom Flooring Options

Choosing the ideal bathroom flooring options can be pretty hard. First of all, most, if not all bathrooms have got complicated shaped floors. Obviously the bathroom is going to see a lot of water, this has the ability to not only damage the top layer of the floor, but also the wooden board underneath too, when these boards get wet they can rot, or mold can form, both of these thing are pretty expensive to have repaired. This means that you are going to have to choose bathroom flooring options that are non slip and are water proof as well as making your bathroom look great.

The most common flooring choice that most people will turn to for their bathroom is ceramic. Ceramic floor tiles are popular in households that have many people in them, as well as children, they don’t need much care, they don’t stain and they are durable. It will get dirty pretty quickly though, it is slippery and cold to touch. There are some other materials that can last longer than ceramic though, like granite, marble to travertine. Your floor is going to be unique if you use these stones as they all have different patterns on them. This stone flooring is going to be pretty expensive though, plus it will need to be installed by a professional to make sure that it doesn’t leak. While it is possible for you to use wood, you have to use a wood that is waterproof such as teak or iroko, again you need to have a pro install it to make sure the edges are water tight.

Of course there are many other materials that you can use as well like PVC and even glass block floors, both of these can be found in public buildings like malls, stores and hotels. You have to try and achieve the ideal balance of floors that are safe, that look great in your bathroom and more importantly, that you are able to afford.