Camping Mat-Tips For Finding The Right One For You

Getting a good camping mat is very important for being comfortable throughout the night. Often times sleeping on hard surface is not good for the back, and many people wake up feeling tired and cramped without a quality mat.

How do you find the right one? First, make sure you figure out how big you need it to be based on your size. Bringing one that is unnecessarily large will mean it is overly heavy. However, getting one that is too small will prevent you from being comfortable at the campsite.

There are basically two kinds of mats. The first is a foam pad. These are not heavy at all and are very inexpensive. The lightest ones are no more than four ounces, although they can get up to twelve. The problem with them is that they are not exceptionally comfortable, and do not provide a ton of support.

For this reason, you would not want to use them on a hard surface like a lean-to. If you do get one, you might want to put it on top of a pile of leaves. The benefits of a foam pad are that it is cheap and light.

The other kind of mat is the inflatable mattress. As the name sounds, you have to inflate these before using. The problem is that they are heavier than foam pads. Also, you can obviously have a hole accidentally poked in the mattress, which renders it useless. However, they are exceptionally comfortable. Even if you do not have the best 1 man tent, you will sleep soundly with a mattress.

Where do you find the best price? Just shop around online. The internet always offers the cheapest prices, and is a much better alternative than going to the Eastern Mountain Sports store in the area. Whether you want a cheap 1 man tent, water purifier, or some other form of camping equipment, the internet is the place to go.

The bottom line-getting a quality camping mat is very important. First, figure out the size that is required, and also what kind of surface it will be used on. Then make your buying decision accordingly.