Why The Spring And Fall Are Good Times To Rent An Aerator

Aerating your lawn is so far the best thing you can do to achieve a real healthy lawn. It is perfected by creating holes, either by coring or by plunging a rod deep down, into your lawn. At any given time that you need to aerate and you don’t have an aerator of your own, you better venture on a lawn aerator rental especially during fall and spring times.

Lawn aeration during spring time gives your several beneficial effects. Learn the necessity of loosening up the compacted lawn soil in order to allow the grass root level to develop. Aeration is literally defined as an art of allowing the lawn soil to breathe, and as a consequence, more water and higher oxygen level are able to penetrate down to the grass roots. Breaking up the thatch layer is another advantage of aeration. This will also enable more nutrients and organic fertilizers to reach the root level.

Either spring or fall is claimed to be the most perfect timing to look for aerator rentals. Although most lawn lovers perform aeration both during fall and spring season, cool season lawn turfs are best aerated in the fall. Your initial activity in this time is to rake the area, not simply to remove old leaves but for thatch control as well. Thatch layers that exceeds more than ½ inch must undergo very thorough and deeper raking process. While in the process of raking, check the lawn for snow molds that produced matted patches. Aerating in the spring requires not so much work than mowing all alone in the summer season.

Spring aeration is preferable to most landscape experts because they believe that plants and grasses are likely to grow with stronger roots, a very good preparation stage for the arrival of the winter season. Either which season is applicable to you, it is you who could assess first-hand whether you should aerate or not.