Collecting LEGO R2-D2 Mini Figures

Everybody’s favorite android of all times, is, without any doubt, the cute looking R2-D2. He might look a bit like a can on legs, and his white and blue color scheme might appear simple at first glance, but somehow this squeaky android has won the hearts of millions since its first appearnce on the movie screens in the Star Wars series. The LEGO R2-D2 is the toy version of this LukasArts model. It is the one item a serious collector of Star Wars memorabilia is not allowed to miss in his collection, the LEGO R2-D2.

R2-D2 never speaks, but he makes cute chirpy and beep sounds in the movie that get translated and interpreted by his pal, the equally iconic C-3PO. If you have one of the original toys at home, undamaged and in its original package, you might be pleased to know that that a collector would pay $30 or more for it. If you can’t find one, or if the price is too high for you, you can always start to collect more recent action figures such one of the LEGO Astromech Droids that are based on the new Clone Wars series.

The Clone Wars never had the same commercial success as the Star Wars movies, but they are still immensely popular amongst science-fiction fans. And the related toys are a great way to have fun playing with them or to start your very own collection of them. The one thing that stands out about the Astromech figures is that they look very much like the good, old R2-D2. A newer model, called R4-D7 is for example identical to the original, apart of the color, which is brown and white, instead of blue and white. Seems even C-3PO would have difficulties distinguishing them, if it would not be for the color difference.

Buying all available figures, old and new, costs a lot of money and might be out of reach for many budding collectors, but starting with the newest models and gradually working your way back, might be a good way to start. Another point, often of conflict between parents and children, is that, when left in the original package, these kind of action figures can increase in value over time. That is what interests many adult collectors most. On the other hand, toys are designed and made for playing, this is what children want to do instinctively as soon as they see a LEGO R2-D2. Perhaps, in order to avoid tears, it is best to give them newer, less valuable models to play with and to keep the collectors items out of their sight until they are old enough to appreciate them.