The Right Kind of Video Game Console Storage

I have been playing different kinds of video games for pretty much my entire life at this point, and it’s gotten to the point where I consider them more of an investment than anything else. Video games can be worth a lot of money to investors, especially when they’re in mint condition, and so I like to make sure they stay that way.

But to keep electronics in good condition you need to be careful with them. Even though they’re just sitting around your home, exposure to the open air can cause more problems than you may imagine. You may just decide to keep your console on the shelf or in a cabinet in case you want to play it again, but if it’s not airtight, then the exposure to the dust in the air, after years, can easily lead the parts to get gummed up and, if you’re unlucky, cause them to quit working altogether.

Proper video game console storage requires you to get them out of the air, preferably in their original packaging, and out of areas where they could be exposed to sunlight as well. Sun can wear down and warp electronics, or fade the boxes they came in.

I have a decent collection of older consoles, and I keep them in their original packaging in a specially chosen wicker chest in the closet of my game room. This closet is rarely opened, and when I do, I make sure the sun isn’t shining at it. An extra benefit to the closet, as opposed to an attic, is the its climate controlled, to keep them from extreme weather.

And while this may seem pretty extreme, it does the trick nicely. My games are in good working order, and I expect them to be for many years to come. And when a collector comes calling in 20 years, they’ll know to go to me, because I have the stuff in the best condition.