After A Tummy Tuck – Recovery

When looking to get a tummy tuck procedure done, there are many factors to consider. Primarily, it is the extent of the work that needs to be done. And this is not just because of the effectivity of the procedure, or the cost. It has a lot to do with the possibility of having a very visible tummy tuck scar afterwards, something that is mostly unavoidable. The tummy tuck pricing may change, but the risk of scarring is ever present, so this is a big factor when looking to get the procedure.

Before one needs to worry about the scar though, a potential patient first needs to think about the recovery period. Like all major surgeries, a tummy tuck will require a certain amount of time for recovery, and those not familiar with what they are about to get to may feel anxiety, and psychological and emotional stress, when the recovery period begins.

This is because recovery will require the patient’s discipline and focus, in order to make sure that the doctor’s instructions are followed carefully, the medication prescribed is taken regularly, and so that the patient adheres to the restrictions set in terms of physical activities.

Recovery times will vary, depending on a patient’s health, discipline in following instructions, and the quality of the procedure. Generally, a patient who’s healthier and more fit may recover quicker than someone who is not. Age can also play a factor, and most of the time younger patients will be able to nurse back to health faster than older patients. The period can last from anywhere between 4-7 weeks to be able to go back to regular daily activities, and more to see the final results.

When it comes to the scars, one key piece of information is that the scars will usually appear to be much worse during the first few months. When this happens, the patient needs to have the doctor check it in order to ensure that this appearance is within the parameters of how the scars really should appear after the surgery. Only after a few more months, like 9 or so, will the scar appear to begin to lighten, and have flatten, making it less visible.