How Can You Get Better Pricing on Your Menu Covers?

Ordering in bulk, wherever possible, is a surefire way to decrease your expenses. As you are well aware, there are many expenses and other costs of running or managing a restaurant. You didn’t enter the industry hoping to spend time researching the cheapest menu covers or best flatware, did you? Of course not, you did it because of your passion for the business and the dream of running a successful restaurant. Well, this is just of the business.

Don’t confuse this substantial bulk price reduction for a lack of quality either. When you order your covers for a price of $15 per dozen, you will be getting a quality vinyl cover for just over $1 USD each. While this will not have the look or feel of a genuine leather cover, it will still give you a perfectly functional way to present your menus to your guests.

If you want to leave your guests with an extended notion of what it is like to dine and enjoy an evening at your restaurant, you’ll have to pay attention to more details than just the food and service. While you cannot drop the ball in these areas, they are just part of your guests’ overall experience in your establishment. By providing them with details along the way, from the decor to the clean and appetizing menu, they will be more likely to have positive memories more likely to bring them back.

By finding out what you expect and then what your guests expect, you can have a better idea as to where you can improve and where you can further maximize your profits. Sometimes, you are shooting yourself in the foot by trying to save a few bucks here or there. For example, the menu cover is the one item that each and every guest will hold, so it may be more important to ensure you make it a quality choice. If you are in the fine dining category, it is a necessity.