Using Laser to Battle Acne

Acne is a serious and very common skin condition. Most of us have all had episodes of breakouts.  The most common time is the teenage years when hormones are raging and our bodies are going through turmoil.  Most of us out grew the condition with only occasional minor outbreaks of acne.

There is also a portion of the population that are plagued with sensitive and problem skin which inevitably leads to chronic acne and eventually acne scarring.  This chronic acne health issue will be a condition that may trouble people for years.  Having this condition can greatly affect a person’s social and personal life.

It is a good idea to see if there is an underlying cause that you can treat first.  Seeing an allergy doctor is a good idea as it’s possible certain products or materials you are using or are exposed to is causing your condition.  Eliminate the possibility that you have allergies causing your issues.

Doctor’s will often recommend trying prescription oral medication as well as prescription topical creams. In more sever and stubborn conditions, your doctor may recommend trying laser removal for your acne.  Lasers are used for all types of skin conditions.  Some of them include stretch mark removal, wrinkles removal and tattoo removal.

Acne affects both men and women. Men are more apt to have the most severe cases.  Women are more likely to have problems with their skin during their time of the month as well as during pregnancies.

During laser acne removal you won’t feel any pain.  Prior to beginning, you’ll be given a local anesthetic.  Laser acne removal is performed on an outpatient basis. The average time for treatment is 30 minutes. The healing process is quick as using laser is a bloodless procedure and this encourages a shorter healing time frame.

Laser should only be used when other methods have failed. Laser removal gently and quickly removes the top most layer of skin while warming the next layer.  The laser encourages the skin to produce collagen.  Collagen gives skin a healthier look. This process also helps alleviate acne scars.  After you are done with treatments, your skin look younger as well as being blemish free.