How to Delete Your WordPress Account

There are plenty of online publishing platforms available to use for free and signing up for an account is easy. However, due to numerous reasons, some users opt to delete their account after sometime. Many have wondered if deleting an account is as easy and uncomplicated as signing up. The general answer is, it depends on the deletion policies of the webpage provider.

Today, we’ll discuss the deletion processes of WordPress, a well-known open source blogging software. I chose WordPress to discuss since most blogs of today’s generations are established through this platform and I find the topic at hand relevant for its users. So, let’s begin.

In an online blog forum, I’ve read discussions asking about how to delete you WordPress account. Well, in WordPress, there is no way for you to permanently or temporarily delete your account. However, WordPress support community has provided its users with various options in case they no longer want their blogsite to be active.

The first option is to simply leave the blog inactive or set it to Private mode so that no random reader can view its content. Meaning, do not create posts or log in to your account. Leave it as it is and you’ll eventually forget it existed. To set your privacy settings, select Settings on your dashboard. Select Privacy. Tick the button that says I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose. Click Save Changes.

The second option is to delete your blog. Go to Tools on the dashboard. Select Delete Site. You will receive an email confirmation to complete the step. Before you click on the delete button, contemplate thoroughly if you really want your blog deleted because this action is permanent.

Some users get annoyed with the constant email notifications from WordPress so they end up wanting to delete their accounts. However, to avoid annoyance, you can simply set your subscription settings to Block all subscription emails from

In case you no longer want to disclose your personal account information, you may change your username by selecting Users on the dashboard, then click on Personal Settings. Select Change Username and save the changes. On the Personal Settings menu, you can also change the e-mail address of your account to a different one that you no longer use.

To learn more about your account settings, read the Support & Forum page on the WordPress official website: